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Navy Ranks in Order | Ranks in the Navy in Order | Navy Officer Ranks in Order

Navy Ranks in Order – Seaman

navy ranks in order,ranks in the navy in order,navy officer ranks in order, list of navy ranks in order,order of navy ranks,navy seal ranks in order,There is a chain of command in the Navy and as each man or woman increases in rank they take on more responsibility starting from Seaman Recruit as they advance through the Navy ranks in order.  It all starts with the enlisted navy ranks.  In the Navy, the recruitment ladder starts with Seaman Recruit as sailors begin their training and find their particular military specialty skill.  As they advance in their training they are then promoted to the Navy rank of Seaman Apprentice and receive their first insignia proving they have what it takes to be in the Navy.  Seaman apprentices will further their training and hone in their specialty skill in any number of fields.  The term seaman apprentice may change depending on their particular community, for example they could be called hospitalman apprentice or airman apprentice.  The Seaman Apprentice is then promoted to the rank of Seaman as they continue their journey through the Navy Ranks in Order.

Navy Ranks in Order – Petty Officer

The first step in leadership as sailors continue through the Navy Ranks in Order comes with the promotion to Petty Officer beginning with Petty Officer Third Class.  They continue to specialize in their particular field as they learn the leadership skills required to command.  Petty officer Second Class is next up the ladder.  Petty Officer Second Class rate promotion is determined by evaluations and examinations from their superiors and time spent in service.  Petty officer First Class is next in the Petty Officer Class of the Navy Ranks in Order.  Each promotion is more demanding than the last as responsibility increases with each rank up.  As Sailors reach for the top of the Petty Officer Class they will then be promoted to Chief Petty Officer and then Senior Chief Petty Officer as they climb the Navy Ranks in Order.  After that is the coveted position of Master Chief Petty Officer often referred to simply as “Master Chief.”  The top of the enlisted class ends with Command Master Chief Petty Officer and is the senior enlisted command officer.  The only Navy rank higher for enlisted men is the specialty rank of Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy that is chosen by the Chief of Naval Operations and serves as advisor over the entire Navy.

Navy Ranks in Order – Officers

Officers are commissioned by the President of the United States and are college graduates of commissioned schools such as the United States Naval Academy to become officers as they are promoted through the Navy ranks in Order.  Warrant Officers provide technical leadership and supervise on repairs and projects and their ranks range from Chief Warrant Officer 2 to Chief Warrant Officer 5.  Commissioned Officers begin their training as Division Officers or continue schooling in a specific staff specialty.  The first of the Officer Class is that of Ensign.  Next is Lieutenant Junior Grade, Lieutenant, and Lieutenant Commander.  Officers take on even more responsibility as they continue up the Navy Ranks in Order to Commander and then to Captain.  Next is the Admiral Class that is signified with the Star Insignia.  First in this class is Rear Admiral Lower Half then Rear Admiral Upper Half.  Three star rank is at Vice Admiral.  Four Star Rank of Admiral is the senior most command in the Navy.  The Navy Ranks in Order end with the only rank higher at the Five Star Rank of Fleet Admiral that is only given during war time and there has not been a five star Fleet Admiral since World War II.